Gendering Latin American Independence
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Pedro Díaz de Valdés

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

A "caballero español, asesor letrado y Oidor honorario", born in Spain in 1762, he married Javiera Carrera after 1800. They had five children. On 9 April 1810, he was suspended from his duties as Asesor Letrado and Auditor de Guerra. He then went to Europe via Buenos Aires. Carrera's affectionate letters to him during their separation can be read in Vergara Quiroz. Vergara Quiroz describes him as "paciente". He died in 1826. (Vergara Quiroz, xxv, 64.)

According to Moreno Martín, Pedro Díaz did not like García Carrizo's style of government, and in May 1811, he went to Spain to put a lawsuit against García Carrasgo to obtain his reposición. (Moreno Martín, 340)

Life Events

Born 1762
Other 1810He was suspended from his duties as Asesor Letrado and Auditor de Guerra on 9 April 1810.
Died 1826


Vergara Quiroz, Sergio, (1987), Cartas de mujeres en Chile, 1630-1885

Moreno Martín, Armando, (1992), Archivo del General José Miguel Carrera


Letter: Carta


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