Gendering Latin American Independence
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Mercedes Decimavilla de Illingworth

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in 1809 to Spanish parents, she married Juan Illingworth, Intendente de Guayaquil, in 1823. A fervent patriot, in 1825 she sailed with Illingworth him to Callao to take part in the blockade. She was awarded the Cruz de Honor by BolĂ­var for her bravery and was denoted "Colaboradora de la Independencia".

Illingworth was later transferred to Cartagena, and left the administration of his haciendas in Decimilla's hands. Following the assassination of Dávalos, she hid in a campesino's hut following fears that she'd be taken hostage. She remained there until Illingworth had re-established government. In 1831, during Flores's presidency, she and Illingworth were held on the island of Puná. Illingworth fled to Tumbez, Decimilla was imprisoned and interrogated, but refused to give the whereabouts of her husband. She went to join Illingworth in Paita, their wealth was confiscated. Their political enemies were defeated in 1836, enabling them to return to Ecuador. Their property was ruined, but they were able to make a living from the land. She died in 1879. (Estrada, 51-54).

Life Events

Born 1809
Married 1823She married Juan Illingworth.
Other 1825She took part in the blockade of Callao.
Other 1831She fled from Puná and into exile.
Died 1879She died on 18 June 1879.


Estrada, Jenny, (1984), Mujeres de Guayaquil, siglo XVI al siglo XX


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