Gendering Latin American Independence
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Leonor Guerra

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

In 1816 she was caught wearing the patriotic colours in Cumaná, Venezuela. She was given 200 lashes and, riding on a burro enjalmado, was paraded around the streets, with her clothes in tatters revealing much of her body. On every corner she was asked to reveal the names of her accomplices. She replied "Viva la Patria, mueran los tiranos". Her ordeal was so humiliating that she refused food and medical assistance, and died shortly afterwards. (N.A., Heroínas, 42-43.)

She was caught wearing blue ribbons that showed support for the independence cause. Monsalve gives the same account as above adding that she died four days after her public humiliation. (Monsalve, 76-77)

Life Events

Died 1816She died in 1816.


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