Gendering Latin American Independence
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María del Carmen Ramírez

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

She was born in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela around 1774 and married Juan Antonio Briceño Uzcátegui in 1796. Her support for the independence cause made her a target of the royalists. At the end of 1819, the region was in royalist hands. She, along with other pro-independence women were captured and taken to the town of Bailadores, where they were rescued by a patriotic battalion sent from Pamploma by Bolívar. Her son, Pedro Briceño Ramírez, joined the independence army when he was aged 15. He was taken prisoner sentenced to death, but was allegedly saved after a Creole woman intervened. She died in 1857. (N.A., Heroínas, 44-46.)

Life Events

Born 1774She was born around 1774.
Married 1796She married Juan Antonio Briceño Uzcátegui.
Died 1857She died on 7 February 1857.


N.A., (1964), Heroínas venezolanas


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