Gendering Latin American Independence
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Félix Devoti

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was born in Italy around 1744. He studied medicine and was transferred to direct the Hospital de Santa Fe in Nueva Granada before going on to Lima. There he met members of the Sociedad Amantes del País. He worked with his friend Unanue at the Colegio de San Fernando. He was imprisoned along with José Pezet, Riva Agüero and cura Tagle in 1820, on suspicion of conspiracy. He was a member of the Sociedad Patriótica. He participated in the downfall of Monteagudo and was an ally of Torre Tagle. He contributed to La Minerva Peruana, but not El Mercurio, even though he was friends with the editors. He co-edited El Argos Constitucional with Larriva and contributed to El Investigador on medical and hygiene subjects including vaccination programmes. He contributed to Los Andes Libres with López Aldana, and in its first edition, 24 July 1824, he defended San Martín. He submitted another essay in favour of San Martín to El Correo Mercantil, Político y Literario on 18 January 1822. He died in 1825. (Martínez Riaza, 74-76)

Life Events

Born 1744He was born around 1744.
Other 1820He was imprisoned on suspicion of conspiracy.
Died 1825


Martínez Riaza, Ascención, (1985), La prensa doctrina en la independencia de Perú, 1811-1824


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