Gendering Latin American Independence
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Fray Diego Cisneros, Jerónimo (Archídano)

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

He was a contributor to El Mercurio Peruano in 1790, using the pseudonym Archídano. He subscribed to the paper from 1791-93 and to El Diario de Lima. He was a monk in the San Jerónimo del Escorial and confessor to Princess María Luisa. He was sent to Lima as Administrator of encomiendas and other interests. There he organised the sale of books, opening a public shop in calle Pozuelo. His library contained many prohibited books, which were read by his friends in the Sociedad Académica. (Clément, 10, 103-104.)

He was editor of El Mercurio Peruano, Tomo XII. He moved to Buenos Aires in 1797. (Medina, 222)

He died in 1812.

Related to Violeta de Cisneros?

Life Events

Other 1790He contributed to El Mercurio Peruano.
Other 1797He moved to Buenos Aires.
Died 1812He died in 1812.


Clément, Jean-Pierre, (1979), Indices del Mercurio Peruano, 1790-1795

Medina, José Toribo, (1988), La imprenta en Lima (1584-1824), Tomo III, 1768-1810


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