Gendering Latin American Independence
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Rosa Cavero y Tagle de Cavero y Muñoz, Marquesa de Bellavista

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

She hosted pro-independence meetings at her Trujillo home. (Neuhaus, 117)

She was made a "Dama de Banda Patriótica" for her devotion to the independence cause. She hosted meetings for the patriots beside her husband, ignoring the danger. (Parra de Riego, 250)

She hosted pro-independence meetings at her homes in Trujillo and Lima. She was never afraid nor faltered in pursuit of the cause. San Martín made her one of the Banda Patriótica for her contribution. Years later her husband, the Marqués de Bellavista had a serious illness that left him blind. They then established a hospital for the poor who were blind at their Trujillo home. (García y García, 265-266)

Life Events

No life events have been recorded for this subject


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