Gendering Latin American Independence
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Francisco de Miranda

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Venezuela in 1750, he travelled to the United States, France and Britain to gather support for the independence cause. He led a failed expedition to Venezuela in 1806, returning in 1810 to work with Bolívar. He ruled Venezuela from April to July 1812. He was arrested, sent to Spain where he died in prison in 1816. (Lynch, xviii)

In 1799 he is said to have been in favour of the American independence model and against that of the French. (Lynch, ed., 28).

His work reveals evidence of enlightenment ideas. (Griffin, 248)

He was a mason and his lodge had the motto "Union, Firmness and Valour", which was later adopted by other Latin American lodges. (Racine, 538)

He travelled to Europe and to Russia to seek support for the independence movement. (Franco, 17)

Life Events

Born 1750
Other 1806He led a failed expedition to Venezuela.
Other 1810He joined forces with Bolívar.
Other 1812He had dictatorial powers from April to July.
Other 1816He died in prison in Spain.


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Lynch, John, (1994), Latin American Revolutions

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Gendering Latin American Independence

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