Gendering Latin American Independence
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Manuel José de Labardén

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

Born in 1754, he was a friend of Juan Baltázar Maziel and a member of his literary circle in Buenos Aires. He wrote an ode, Al Paraná, and a play, Siripo. Siripo is "an early chronicle" telling the story of a white women, Lucía Miranda, who was captured by a cacique, Siripo. Her husband was also taken. Siripo offered Lucía's husband freedom on condition of Siripo marrying Lucía. The pair refused and Siripo killed them both. Siripo was first shown in 1789 and was a success. Labardán had read out some of the scenes at Maziel's literary gatherings. Al Paraná was published on 1 April 1801 in Buenos Aires's first magazine, El Telegráfo Mercantíl rural político, económico, e historiógrafo del Río de la Plata. He died in 1809. (Coaster, 37-38)

Life Events

Born 1754
Other 1789His play, Siripo, was first shown.
Other 1801His ode, 'Al Paraná' was published on 1 April 1801.


Coester, Alfred, (1919), The Literary History of Spanish America


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