Gendering Latin American Independence
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Ignacio Rodríguez Galván

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

A romantic dramatist, born in Mexico in 1816. He produced Muñoz, Visitador de México in 1838. La Hija del Oidor is a tragic story of a young girl who is saved from drowning by a criminal who seduces her and persuades her to elope with him. They are discovered so he kills her. "Mora" is the tale of a Mexican insurgent, Mora, who loves Angela, the daughter of a royalist. Angela's parents marry her off to someone more suitable. Angela tells Mora that she's been married against her will, but that she will not be unfaithful to her husband. She asks Mora to leave, but there's a duel that leaves Mora dead. Angela dies of a broken heart. La Visión de Moctezuma retells the legend of a poor Aztec woman, Nolixtli, who was unable to pay her taxes to the Aztec rulers. She and her daughter, Teyolia, were badly treated until Moctezuma saw Teyolia and fell in love with her. She is carried across the lake in Moctezuma's barge, Nolixtli swims after them, but drowns. Her ghost appears to Moctezuma warning that the Spaniards will come and end the Aztec rule. "La profecía de Guatemoc" tells of Cortés's torture of Cuauhtémoc.

His poems brought a diplomatic post, but he died on the way to Havana in 1842. (Coaster, 335-337)

Life Events

Born 1816
Other 1838He wrote a romantic drama, Muñoz, Visitador de México
Died 1842He died from an illness on his way to Cuba.


Coester, Alfred, (1919), The Literary History of Spanish America


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