Gendering Latin American Independence
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María Josefa Balbastro y Dávila de Alvear

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

Born in 1766, in 1782 she married Diego de Alvear y Ponce de León, a brigadier in the Spanish armada. Their son, Carlos de Alvear became a General. They lived in Misiones for 18 years, although de Alvear was absent for much of the time. She set up a commercial business, selling local products. She offered her jewels to her father, a rich merchant in Buenos Aires to fund the business. Her family insisted that she return to Buenos Aires, but she refused. In 1801 the family moved from Misiones to Mondevideo, then Buenos Aires. De Alvear was sent back to Spain in 1804. The family sailed from Buenos Aires but their ship was intercepted by the English just off the Spanish coast. Their vessel was fired on. De Alvear and his son Carlos escaped to another boat, but could only watch as the ship sank, leaving Balbastro and seven of their children dead. (Sosa de Newton, 54)

Life Events

Born 1766She was born in Buenos Aires.
Married 1782She married Diego de Alvear y Ponce de León in Buenos Aires.
Other 1783She moved to Misiones.
Other 1801She moved to Montevideo.
Died 1804She died, along with seven of her children, when the ship in which they were travelling was sunk by the English off the Spanish coast.


Sosa de Newton, Lily, (1986), Diccionario biográfico de mujeres argentinas


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