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Manuela Cabezón de Jordán y de Rodríguez

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

Born in Salta in 1805, she married Servando Jordán in 1831 and was widowed soon afterwards. She helped her sister, Dámasa Cabezón, to found a school in Santiago de Chile. She moved to Valdivia and founded another school. She married Domingo Rodríguez Zorrilla in 1839 and was widowed again in 1843. In 1851 she moved to Lima and founded a school there. She returned to Chile in 1853 and founded a college in Copiapó. She was awarded a prize for her work in education in 1854. She moved to Valparaíso with her sisters for health reasons and in 1859 founded and led a college for young women for 15 years. She died in 1870. (Sosa de Newton, 108)

Vergara Quiroz claims that she married Captain Servando Jordán in 1824 and moved to Valparaíso where his ship was based. She established a college in 1831, which she kept until her second marriage to Domingo Rodríguez Zorilla. On 28 May 1826 she wrote to Javiera Carrera giving her news of her daughter Santos Díos de Valdés y Carrera and on 3 June 1826 regarding rumours of Bernado O'Higgins's return to politics. (Vergara Quiroz, 158-160)

Life Events

Born 1805She was born in Salta.
Married 1824She may have married Servando Jordán.
Other 1826She wrote to Javiera Carrera in May and June 1826.
Married 1831She may have married Servando Jordán.
Married 1839She married Domingo Rodríguez Zorrilla.
Other 1843She was widowed for the second time.
Other 1851She moved to Lima and founded a school there.
Other 1853She moved to Copiacó, Chile and founded a college.
Other 1854She was awarded a prize for her contribution to education.
Other 1859She founded a college in Valparaíso.
Died 1870She died in Valparaíso.


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Letter: Carta


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