Gendering Latin American Independence
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Grandes heroinas de Colombia, Doña Magdalena Ortega de Nariño, La Precursora

Author: Forero, Manuel José
Year published: 1970
Publisher: Editorial Kelly
City: Bogotá


Magdalena Ortega de Nariño (pp ). See pp.18-29 for details of her tertulias, p.20 for the names of some of those who attended, pp.106-139 for her role in and after 1810.
Antonio Nariño (Enrique Sotomayor) (pp ). Features throughout this account of his wife's contribution to Colombian society.
Francisco Antonio Zea (pp 20).
José María Lozano, Marqés de San Jorge (pp 20).
Juan Esteban Ricaurte (pp 20).
José Antonio Ricaurte (pp 20).
José Luis de Azuola (pp 20).
Francisco Tovar (pp 20).
Iriarte (pp 20).
Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez (pp 19-23).
Francisca Prieto y Ricaurte de Torres (pp 108-110).
Antonio Amar y Borbón (pp 118-128).
Francisca Villanova y Marco (pp 118-128).
Joaquín Camacho (pp ).

Gendering Latin American Independence

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