Gendering Latin American Independence
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La mujer ecuatoriana, frustraciones y esperanzas

Author: Jiménez de la Vega, Mercedes
Year published: 1981
Publisher: Banco Central del Ecuador, (Departamento Gráfico)
City: Quito


Rosa Campusano (pp 21).
Rosa Montúfar (pp 21).
Manuela Garaicoa de Calderón (pp 21).
Rosa Zárate de la Peña (Sarate, Zarate) (pp ´21).
Josefina Barba (pp 21).
Concepción Concha (pp 21).
Manuela Cañizares (pp 20-23). Quotes Roberto Andrade, as cited in Morayma Ofir Carvajel, p.46. This page reference is incorrect.
Manuela Sáenz de Thorne (pp 23-24). Quotes Emil Ludwing, giving Morayma Ofir Carvajal as her source.
Rita Lecumberry (pp 33).
María Dolores Veintemilla de Galindo (pp 33-34).

Gendering Latin American Independence

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