Gendering Latin American Independence
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Rebellions and Revolts in Eighteenth Century Peru and Upper Peru

Author: O'Phelan Godoy, Scarlett
Year published: 1985
Publisher: Böhlau Verlag, Kóln Wien
City: Köln, Germany


Cecilia Escalera Túpac Amaru (pp 217, 235, 305).
Bartolina Siza (pp 212, 266, 270-271, 309).
Gregoria Apaza (Apasa) de Canani (pp 253, 307). Quotes Apasa from her trial, Archivo General de la Indias, Sevilla, Audiencia de Buenos Aires, Declaración de Gregoria Apasa.
Juana Moreno (pp 157-159).
Tomasa Titu Condemayta, Condemaita (pp 220, 305). Quotes her reasons for joining the rebellion from Archivo General de las Indies, Sevilla, Audiencia del Cuzco, Legs. 32, 33. Declaration made by Thomasa Tito Condemayta.
María Josefa Anaya (pp 307).
Micaela Bastidas Puyucahua (pp 236, 240, 300). Quotes L.E. Fisher, The Last Inca Revolt, 1780-1783, Oklahoma, 1966, p.227 (for her inability to read and write). Archivo General de Las Indies, Sevilla, Audiencia del Cuzco, leg. 33, confession of Micaela Bastidas (for her comments about the soldiers' probable action).

Gendering Latin American Independence

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