Gendering Latin American Independence
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Writing Type: Testimony


Statement made in court in which she protested against the ill-treatment of her son by his master a provincial governor of Venezuela (Huizi?)

Keywords: slavery, citizens´ rights, women´s rights

Archive: Hallworth Library, University of Nottingham

Location Details: Reproduced and translated in Arlene Díaz, Female Citizens, Patriarchs, and the Law in Venezuela, 1786-1904, University of Nebraska Press, 2004, p.169.

Text: When I started to contend against a wealthy, powerful and influential man, I a low colored woman, and he a high category man who is the owner of my son, what could I expect? What would be the result of a controversy among people of different spheres; and what would be my success if I did not count on the justice and even-handedness of the court? This persuasion encourages me, and the equality of rights that all Venezuelans enjoy gives more strength to my weak forces and empowers me to not hide my face from Mr Huizi´s arguments... because, although I am a freed slave, it would depress my condition of respectful woman to other men and especially to social manners, but it should not be believed because of this that I am afraid of making use of my rights.

Gendering Latin American Independence

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