Gendering Latin American Independence
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Travels in various Parts of Peru, including a Year’s Residence in Potosi.


Writing Type: Book


Short extract from his book of his travels in Peru and Argentina, part of a review.

Keywords: women described, tertulias, Argentina, foreign travellers,

Archive: Robinson Library, University of Newcastle

Location Details: In special collections found in Summary of the Administration of the Indian Government from October 1813, to January 1823, by the Marquess of Hastings, Governor General, London: William Earle, Berkeley Square, 1824.

Text: p.160 ..his wife wore neat shoes and stockings on her pretty feet, and was fair and cleanly in her person; but ‘dirty, half-naked children, and dirtier slaves, male and female, were all of one party.’ Neatness and delicacy are by no means the characteristics of the creoles in South America, at least in their houses; but in their evening dresses for the promenade or the tertulia, ‘the South American ladies,’ says Mr. Temple, ‘equal those of any other country in the neat and tasteful embellishment of their persons'.

Gendering Latin American Independence

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