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Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI)

NGI is based in the Nottingham Geospatial Building (NGB) within the University Nottingham Innovation Park (UNIP) on the University of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus.

Job Opportunities at NGI / GRACE

Current job opportunities in the Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) are listed on this page. The institute's research activities over the next five years will focus on the following themes:

  • Engineering surveying and remote measurement - these well-established areas of research activity are focussed around improving the potential of technology and its application, including: algorithm development; creating novel methodologies and optimising system performance, particularly with (low and high cost) integrated sensors, to solve scientific, environmental and engineering challenges.
  • Geospatial science - geospatial data, information systems, infrastructures and semantics, including open or crowd-sourced data and software.
  • Positioning and navigation technologies - supporting technologies and advanced algorithms, integration of sensors and multi-GNSS constellations with signals of opportunity, to enable ubiquitous positioning from low-cost to ultra-high precision positioning and navigation solutions, and the wider exploration of bioscience, engineering and environmental applications.
  • Propagation effects on GNSS - external effects on the propagation of GNSS satellite signals to reach receivers on or near Earth, including station local environment and the atmosphere.

In addition a number of cross-cutting applications focussed themes:

  • Disaster response and mitigation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Global food security
  • Integrated transport

GRACE focusses on assisting organisations, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the applications of geospatial technology including satellite navigation.

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