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Current projects

European Commission Projects (funded by Seventh Framework Programme)

GENIUS - GNSS Education Network for Industry and Universities

The GENIUS project focuses on building strong links between universities, research institutes and industry, through implementing measures to strengthen GNSS education and fostering of co-operation between education, research and business. It provides training, networking and industrial experience to GNSS students. It enables technology transfer through an industry focused training, internship and PhD programme.

EMMIA - European Mobile and Mobility Alliance

GNSS infrastructure is a vital component of the mobile and mobility industries. The main objective of EMMIA is to support service innovation for mobile and mobility industries.

ISSUE - Intelligent Solutions for Sustainable Urban Economies

The ISSUE Project, funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme, "Regions of Knowledge", started on 1 December 2011 and will finish on 30 November 2014. The project involves 13 European partners from regional research clusters, including the East Midlands in the United Kingdom, each with representatives from universities/research institutions, business and regional/local government.

PUNNET - Land deformation mapping solutions

PUNNET is an innovative solution in land stability monitoring and mapping - ideal for a range of applications in oil & gas, mining and exploration industries.

EMBRACE - East Midlands Business and Research satellite Applications Centre of Excellence

EMBRACE is a collaborative partnership between the universities of Nottingham and Leicester and the British Geological Survey (BGS). University of Leicester is the lead partner hosting the Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence on behalf of the consortium. The overall aim of the EMBRACE is to align the resource, expertise and track record to build a significant Satellite Applications Catapult activity in the East Midlands linked to the Harwell Centre.


Ingenuity’ is The University of Nottingham’s local business network and the principal communication channel for promoting the technical centres and generic business offerings from the University. The objective of 'Ingenuity Plus' is to transfer knowledge and expertise from the University into local and regional small and medium sized businesses. Five technical centres have been integrated into the programme; these include: Aerospace, Chemistry, Energy, Satellite Navigation, Food & Brewing.

Other Projects:

UK ESNC - University Challenge special prize

The University Challenge competition's objective is to bridge the gap between research and entrepreneurship. Special prize is designed to attract students and researchers with innovative ideas, and put them on the road to becoming successful business-people. The winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 24th October 2014 in Berlin.

SABRE - Satellite Applications Business Innovation Programme

SABRE project will promote satellite applications technology, with a focus on location, positioning and navigation, as a springboard for new businesses and new innovations.  This will be developed in partnership with Satellite Applications Catapult Centre (Catapult).


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