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PUNNET - Innovation in land deformation monitoring

What is PUNNET?

PUNNET is a satellite-based land stability monitoring and mapping solution for exploration, construction and environmental protection industries. PUNNET offers a major step forward in land deformation monitoring for sectors such as oil & gas, mining and exploration.

What services are provided?

The PUNNET service uses a series of images created from satellite data to create millimetric-precision maps of land surface deformation. It supports adherence to regulations and industry standards. These include:
  • baseline surveys to assess site suitability for operations
  • post-operational surveys
  • ongoing monitoring of active sites

Who is it for?

  • Mining industries
  • Oil & gas
  • Civil engineering industries such as tunnel and underground, road and building construction
  • Environmental agencies worldwide
  • National and International regulatory bodies

Why do we need PUNNET?

PUNNET provides solutions for:

Geohazard Monitoring:

  • Land subsidence due to natural or man-made resources
  • Landslide events and risks
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Proximity risk for larger man-made structures such as bridges, tunnels and buildings.

Monitoring and Management of Natural Resource Extraction:

  • Assessment of areas for land instability surveys
  • Management of extraction processes
  • Post-extraction environmental impact assessment

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