Doctoral Training Grant Centre in
Healthcare Technology
University of Nottingham


The Science and Engineering Faculties at the University of Nottingham are allocating 5 EPSRC PhD studentships a year, initially for the next two years, to encourage cross-faculty collaboration in the area of Healthcare Technology. The aim is to enable cutting edge science to be rapidly applied to healthcare.

A broad  definition of healthcare technology  is provided by EPSRC. 


Novel treatment and therapeutic technologies:

  • advancing Engineering and Physical Science research in regenerative medicine
  • drug delivery
  • artificial implants and prosthetics
  • surgical tools
  • advances in complex modelling capability to enable biomedical research into disease and therapy progression (whole organ / whole system)

Enhanced prediction and diagnosis in real time and at the point of care:

  • improved  dynamic multi-modal imaging across scales
  • biomarker and contrast agent development and delivery
  • sensor technologies to detect and measure physical condition and biomedical markers in real time
  • integration of sensors to a system and data handling

Technologies for a healthy life-course:

  • technologies aimed at retaining and restoring personal function and retaining mobility and independence
  • tools for self management of health (primarily via the RCUK Ageing: Lifelong Health and Wellbeing programme)

Design, manufacture and integration of healthcare technologies:

  • innovative approaches to bringing sustainable healthcare technologies through to product;  including innovative manufacturing and adaptive design approaches


The areas of Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Imaging are excluded as Nottingham is already partners in EPSRC funded Centres for Doctoral Training in these areas:



DTG Centre in Healthcare Technology