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Porous biopolymer microspheres for targeted drug delivery and release of biological components PDF

Supervisors: Dr Ifty Ahmed, Professor Cameron Alexander and Professor Brigitte Scammell

Predicting in-hospital falls in the elderly population PDF

Supervisors: Prof Steve Morgan, Prof Jon Garibaldi and Prof Dan Clark

Do our muscles tire because we get old or because they do: The Worm Workout Gymnasium

Supervisors: Dr Phil Williams, Dr Qin Hu, Prof Nate Szewczyk, Dr Ricky Wildman and Prof Paul Greenhaff

Investigating the potential of ionic liquids to the self assembly of drug-polymer composites for drug delivery applications

Supervisors: Dr Charlie Laughton, Dr Anna Croft and Dr Ricky Wildman

Customized immobilization face masks for radiotherapy using Incremental Sheet Forming

Supervisors: Dr Amar Kumar Behera, Dr Andrew French and Dr Hengan Ou
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