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Lessons from developing nations on improving healthcare

Demonstrates, using examples from Russia and Peru, that health improvement need not involve increased use of resources.  If not accessed via the link provided, subscription is usually needed for access to BMJ articles.

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Author Berwick DM
Type Article
Subject Health systems and models of service delivery   
Tags hypertension   russia   resource poor settings   hiv   aids   
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Refugee health care

Wide range of lecture slide sets entitled: Refugee and disaster definitions; causes of conflict and population displacement; Information and surveillance systems for refugee populations; Hemorrhagic fever outbreak investigation; Health needs of refugees; Assessing health needs; Establishing health services; Control of communicable diseases; The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Mental illness amoung trauma-affected populations, Health and human rights principles for refugee health; and From disasters to development.

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Author John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Type Presentation
Subject Population growth   
Tags refugee   resource poor settings   population   
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