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Control of communicable diseases

With a particular focus on refugee populations this set of over one hundred slides provides information on a range of communicable diseases, infection risks, disease cycles and guidance for those  planning a disease control program.

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Author Burnham, G
Type Presentation
Subject Communicable diseases   
Tags refugees   sequelae   infection control   measles   STI   meningitis   tb   malaria   
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World Clock

Online calculator providing global statistics on population, mortality & morbidity, food consumption, energy consumption and environmental impact statistics. Site also includes a life clock demonstrating behaviours and other factors that affect longevity. This is an excellent test that entry level students can use to assess their own lives and assuming the identity of others.

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Type Website
Subject Epidemiology and burden of disease   Global health issues   Population growth   
Tags demography   longevity   aids   oncology   tb   hepatitis   malaria   diabetes   chd   asthma   rta   stroke   
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