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New online fitness programme launch with support from our physiotherapy and sport rehabilitation staff and students


Staff and students from the University of Nottingham are part of an international team of experts who have launched QuaranTrain - a student-led healthcare project to help provide information and resources to stay fit and well during periods of isolation.

COVID-19 is preventing people from doing the activities they would normally enjoy, and the enforced self-isolation and lockdowns throughout the world are creating huge challenges to staying physically and mentally well.

QuaranTrain is led by physiotherapy students and has rapidly developed collaborations and networks world-wide with universities, hospitals, and specialist exercise institutes - Exercise-works promote global physical activity initiatives and are our key partner.

From its beginnings at HAN University, Netherlands, the project has reached out to a broad range of health care professional students and workers across the globe. The five core educational institutions are HAN University of Applied Sciences; the University of Nottingham, UK; Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway; HESAV, Lausanne, Switzerland; and the University of Malta. However, many other student-bodies are now a driving force for the project.

A team of 12 undergraduate physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation students from the School of Heath Sciences at the University of Nottingham are contributing to the content, admin and technical support for the programme. There are also five international physiotherapy postgraduate students developing content.

Read the press release for more information about QuaranTrain.

Posted on Friday 3rd April 2020

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