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School of Health Sciences is conducting research to improve the lives of those living with dementia

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A doctoral researcher in the School of Health Sciences is undertaking research to improve the lives of people with dementia living in care homes in Jordan. Asem Abdalrahim is looking at the feasibility of a digital intervention which aids reminiscence for people with dementia, using touch screen technology. The content of this digital tool is based upon reminiscence therapy, and consists of a series of sessions which help to engage personal and communal 'positive memories' using a range of media types including photographic images, videos and audio. The digital application has been developed in the Arabic language and the content was reviewed prior to use by healthcare professionals and older people.

In this study, up to 60 people with dementia living in care homes in Jordan will receive the intervention. They will complete measures to see if there are any changes in memory, communication, anxiety, depression, and quality of life. At the end of the intervention, interviews will be conducted with care home residents, and with care home staff to ask about their experiences of taking part.

For more information, contact Asem Abdalrahim or principle investigator/primary supervisor, Dr Holly Blake.

Doctoral researcher: Asem Abdalrahim.
Study Title: Use of digital technology in reminiscence work with people who have dementia in Jordanian care homes: a feasibility study.
Research Group: Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education (DICE).
Supervisors: Dr Holly Blake, Dr Philip Clissett, Dr Tim Carter.

Posted on Monday 19th February 2018

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