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Martina Sykorova

ESRC-funded 1+3 student,


Research Summary

Current Status

  • PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic Title

  • Enablers and barriers to a chronic oedema care pathway implementation

Research Summary

Research Interests

  • Wound/ chronic oedema care
  • Realist ethnography
  • Realist evaluation
  • Implementation and improvement science

Research Supervisor/s

  • Professor Aimee Aubeeluck
  • Dr Alison Edgley
  • Professor Laurie Cohen
  • Professor Christine Moffatt

Primary Funding Source/s

  • ESRC Doctoral Training Centre and Smith & Nephew Healthcare

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Memberships


1. An international survey to explore outcome measures in chronic oedema and lymphoedema Nov 15, 2021 Journal of Wound Care

2. An international study to explore the challenges faced by the medical device industry in the development of compression products and reimbursement Nov 15, 2021 Journal of Wound Care

3. Alison Edgley, Martina Sykorova, Elodie Stasi, Roberto Bartoletti, Dario Roccatello, Meadbh Mac Sweeney, Hélène Pourquier, Susie Murray, Sandrine Mestre, Aimee Aubeeluck, Sara Rowan, Isabelle Quéré, and Christine J. Moffatt.Lymphatic Research and Biology.Oct 2021.479-487.

4. Christine J. Moffatt, Ewa Burian, Tonny Karlsmark, Vaughan Keeley, Stéphane Vignes, Sophie Doiron, Andrea Tilley, Max Liebl, Anett Reißhauer, Susie Murray, Martina Sykorova, Isabelle Quéré, and Peter J. Franks.Lymphatic Research and Biology.Oct 2021.412-422.

5. How common is Chronic Oedema? Sep 3, 2021 Wordzworth Publishing Chapter 4 p. 35-42

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Conference Papers & Presentations (Paper Title, Conference, Month & Year)

  • 2021 ILF Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2016 EWMA Conference, Bremen, Germany
  • 2016 Asia-Pacific Lymphology Conference, Darwin, Australia
  • 2016 NUH Annual Conference, Nottingham, UK

Additional Information (Other studies, teaching experience, work experience, etc)

Teaching assistant (Introduction to SPSS, Presentation skills for Researchers, Problems with Academic Writing)

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