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Paul Crawford

Professor of Health Humanities, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Paul Crawford is Professor of Health Humanities at the School of Health Sciences, Director of the Centre for Social Futures at the Institute of Mental Health, and Co-Director of Nottingham Health Humanities Research Priority Area, University of Nottingham, UK. He is also Adjunct Professor at NTNU, Norway.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) and Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH). In 2008 he was awarded a Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

As the founding father of the new, global and rapidly developing field of health humanities, Professor Crawford leads various research in applying the arts and humanities to inform and transform healthcare, health and wellbeing. He is currently Principal Investigator for two projects funded by the Arts Humanities Research Council: Florence Nightingale Comes Home for 2020 (£677,065) and Animated Storytelling and Mental Health Literacy [with the award-winning animated film company Aardman] (£996,475) . He is Co-Investigator for the £1.25m ESRC/ UKRI funded 'MARCH Network' to enhance public mental health and wellbeing. He has held several visiting professor or advisory board appointments in the UK and overseas. He is also Principal Investigator for three AHRC-funded networks: Madness and Literature Network (; International Health Humanities Network (; and Dementia Arts and Wellbeing Network ( In addition, he leads the International Health Humanities Conference series (inaugurated in 2010) and founded the AHRC/Wellcome national awards cycle for the medical and health humanities in 2018, now called the Medical Humanities Awards (

Professor Crawford serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Medical Humanities, Communication & Medicine and Applied Arts in Health and acts as a referee for several prominent publishing houses and major journals.

Professor Crawford has attracted over £5.5m in prestigious funding from AHRC, AHRC/RCUK/, ESRC, ESRC/UKRI, The Leverhulme Trust and The British Academy. He has written over 140 publications including peer-reviewed papers or chapters and 12 books, most recently Florence Nightingale at Home (Palgrave, forthcoming July 2020), The Routledge Companion for Health Humanities (Routledge, forthcoming 2019) and Humiliation: Mental Health and Public Shame (2019). He remains the leading figure in health humanities worldwide with three additional major publications: Health Humanities (Palgrave, 2015; now translated into Mandarin), The Routledge Companion of Health Humanities (Routledge, forthcoming March 2020) and The Encyclopedia of Health Humanities (Springer Nature, forthcoming 2021). He is Commissioning Editor for a new large 'Arts for Health Series' (Emerald, forthcoming 2020) to advance public understanding of the health humanities and the benefits of creative practices for human health and wellbeing.

His earlier work includes four books on health communication: Evidence-based Health Communication (Open University Press: Maidenhead, 2006), Communication in Clinical Settings (Nelson Thornes: Cheltenham, 2006), Storytelling in Therapy (Nelson Thornes: Cheltenham, 2004), and Communicating Care: The Language of Nursing (Stanley Thornes: Cheltenham, 1998) which was the first book on nursing language worldwide. His book on research philosophy in health won a Highly Commended Award at British Medical Association Book Competition 2004: Evidence Based Research: Dilemmas and Debates in Health Care (Open University Press: Maidenhead, 2003). He has also written two literary critical works: Madness in Post-1945 British and American Fiction (Palgrave: London, 2010) and Politics and History in William Golding: The World Turned Upside Down (University of Missouri Press: Columbia, 2002). His acclaimed novel about mental illness, Nothing Purple, Nothing Black (Book Guild: Lewes, 2002) was optioned for film with Dramahouse, UK/ Florida.

Professor Crawford has also written articles and letters for national and regional newspapers and appeared on BBC Radio 4 (Today Programme, Woman's Hour), Radio 2 (Johnnie Walker), 5 Live (Simon Mayo) and various regional shows.

Expertise Summary

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Mental health (acute, primary, community)

Health Humanities, including:

Language and communication in healthcare (Corpus Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Analysis)

Literature and narrative in healthcare (literary analysis, literary theory, cultural studies)

Teaching Summary

  • Mental Health
  • Health humanities
  • Health language and communication
  • Philosophy of research
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Evidence-based practice

Research Summary

My research focuses on applying knowledge from the social sciences, humanities and arts disciplines to the development and practice of mental health, health and well-being.

  • Social and cultural perspectives in mental health Health humanities
  • Language, narratives and communication in mental health and healthcare generally
  • Mental health in community and primary care settings

Recent Publications

  • Director, Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery: Connecting Communities for Mental Health and Well-Being (£1.5m large programme grant, Connected Communities, AHRC/RCUK)
  • Director, Nottingham Health Humanities (in association with CAS)

Other responsibilities

  • Co-Founder and Consulting Professor, Research and Education Centre, Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • Co-Founder and Lead, Madness and Literature Network: (AHRC)
  • Co-Founder and Lead, International Health Humanities Network: (AHRC)
  • Academic Lead, Managed Innovation Network in Mental Health Communication, Institute of Mental Health
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