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Penny Howard

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Expertise Summary

Current roles:

· Senior Tutor· Course Lead: Masters in Nursing Science (undergraduate pre-registration)

· Continuing Professional Development Module Leader and Convenor:

· B73/74 CTC Cancer Therapies

· B73/74 FCC Foundations in cancer care

· B73/74 HSC Haematology and Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Teaching & input to a variety of CPD modules, BSc in Nursing modules and Master of Nursing Science Modules relating to cancer treatment, care and health promotion.

Dissertation Supervisor

Teaching Summary

Post registered education:

  • Pathway leader for Adult cancer and Haemato-oncology Learning Beyond Registration pathways
  • Module convenor for: Cancer Treatments, Haematology and Nature of Cancer module.

Pre registration Teaching:

  • Cancer Health Promotion, cancer treatments, oncological emergencies, Clinical skills across Diploma, Bsc and masters

Research Summary

Exploring older women with a primary breast cancer diagnosis experience of treatment decisions, using a qualitative, grounded theory methodology

  • Member of the Cancer and Palliative care Advisory Group
  • Member of the Cancer and Palliative care Research Group

Other responsibilities

  • Member of the Cancer & Palliative care PLT
  • Auditor for clinical placements
  • PLT Representative for Wollaton ward, Park Hospital
  • Dissertation supervisor

Past Research

Pollock, K, Cox, K, Howard, P, Wilson, E and Moghaddam, N. (2008) Service User experiences of information delivery following a diagnosis of cancer: a qualitative study. Supportive Care in Cancer. August 16(8) p.963-73

Pollock, K, Moghaddam, N, Cox, K, Wilson, E and Howard, P., (2010) Exploring patients' experience of receiving information about cancer: A comparison of interview and questionnaire methods of data collection. Health. 22 December 2010, 1461-7196

Howard, P and Chady, B (2012) Practice Learning Opportunities for Student Nurses Cancer and Palliative Care Caring for. A Pocket Placement Book for Student Nurses and their Mentors. Elsevier.

Parks, RM; Howard, P; Tang, S-W; Hall, L; Lakshmanan, R; Winterbottom, L; Morgan, DA; Cox, K; Cheung, K-L. (2012) Assessment of changes of quality of life (QOL) following initial treatment of older women with primary operable breast cancer. Journal of Geriatric Oncology 3. S1-S9

Parks, RM; Hall, L; Tang, SW; Lakshmanan, R; Howard, P; Winterbottom, L; Morgan, DAL; Porock, D; Cox, K and Cheung KL (2013) A pilot study exploring issues around decision making in older women with primary operable breast cancer. J Clin Oncol 31 Supl: abstr. e20588

Scotting, P and Howard, P (2013) The Biology of Cancer. Cancer Nursing Practice. 12(4) 14-20

Scotting, P and Howard, P (2013) The Causes of Cancer. Cancer Nursing Practice. 12(5) 23-28

Scotting, P and Howard, P (2013) How genes affect the risk of developing cancer. Cancer Nursing Practice. 12(6) 19-23

Pasalodos -Sanchez, S; Howard, P and Scotting, P (2013) Identifying familial cancer risk' Cancer Nursing Practice. 12(8) p16-22

Howard, P, Pasalodos -Sanchez, S and Scotting, P (2013) Implications and impact of genetic testing. Cancer nursing practice. 12(9) p25-30

Scotting, P and Howard, P (2013) New methods of detecting cancer and identifying genetic risk of disease. Cancer nursing practice 12(10) p16-21

School of Health Sciences

B236, Medical School
Queen's Medical Centre
Nottingham, NG7 2HA

telephone: +44 (0)115 95 15559