Educational outcomes following preterm birth

1. How many children in each class are born preterm?

Although education professionals may not be aware of the birth status of their students, on average two children in every primary school class are likely to have been born preterm. Parents may choose not to tell the school their child was born preterm, or may feel it is not relevant to do so. Nonetheless, almost all education professionals will be responsible for supporting children who were born preterm and should feel confident to do so. Knowledge of preterm children’s potential difficulties is crucial for providing appropriate support.

Preterm birth rates are rising. This means that the number of children who were born preterm will increase in the coming years. Consequently, it's more important than ever for education professionals to know about the long-term effects that preterm birth can have on a child's development and learning.

Typical primary school class of 30 children - How many of these children were born preterm

"On average, two children in a primary school class are likely to be born preterm"