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4. How you can help

Many of the strategies suggested here will be familiar to you. They may be used to prevent problems developing, or to support children who have been identified as having difficulties.

Always remember to work together. Talk to the child about what they find helpful. Children will find it much easier to learn if they are encouraged to think about what works for them. Don’t be afraid to experiment together, and encourage the child to plan and evaluate their learning.

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How to save your strategies

On the next page you will see six different coloured sections. Each section provides strategies for supporting students with the kinds of difficulties experienced by children born preterm. You can select the box next to any strategies you think might be especially helpful and these will be added to your own personal file that you can save as a PDF to print or store on your computer. As you review this information, you can also type notes into the text box at the bottom of the page and these will be saved into your PDF.

Select the button below to open the folder and access the strategies.