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Our Care Through Our Eyes (OCTOE)

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Information on why this resource was created

Children and young people (CYP) spend significant time being cared for by nursing teams that may not have the confidence or skills to care for children and young people who self-harm. Given that the prevalence of self-harm is increasing, it is fundamental that those caring for children and young people to have the appropriate skill set to care for this group of patients. Engaging in a therapeutic alliance and promoting mutual understanding and compassionate care is essential.

The ‘Our care through our eyes’ study is funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing to improve care to children and young people who are admitted to hospital with self-harm. Workshops with children and young people and nurses have been used to identify outstanding learning needs and to develop the educational materials.

The information contained in this resource is for reference only. Local updated practice guidelines should be followed and will be available from your NHS Trust or other health service provider.

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