Safety management plan: environment

  • As part of the safety plan it is helpful to think about the ward environment and take reasonable steps to mitigate harm.
  • Involving the child and young person through joint assessment and negotiation will ensure they remain central to your decision making.
  • Providing the child and young person with reasons for any changes to the environment is essential. This will increase the likelihood that your safety plan will be successful.

Learning Points

  • The room door should be left open in order to help the observation process and avoid the child or young person feeling isolated
  • Where appropriate, consider harm minimisation strategies. This means allowing the child or young person to develop new strategies as a safer alternative to self-harm. These could include a rubber band snapped around the wrist or squeezing an ice cube.
  • Advise the child or young person that there is no safe way to self-poison.
  • Find the time to talk and listen to the child or young person if they express an interest.
  • Your plan should acknowledge ways to alleviate boredom on the ward. This can involve distraction techniques (e.g. computer games, music etc.) which will provide the child or young person with comfort.
  • It is best practice for all risk-related decisions to be developed and agreed by the child or young person and documented on a care plan.
  • Some children and young people may disagree with the plan of care to keep them safe. In these cases it is important to escalate any concerns and document these in the notes.
  • The level of risk must be reviewed periodically and the safety plan altered accordingly.
  • The care plan should be revisited with the child or young person at least every shift. This will ensure the child or young person is given the opportunity to be involved in their care and reconfirms the rationale for risk management decisions.
Activity: identify the risks

Activity: identify the risks

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