Shared Decision Making in Mental Health Practice

3. What does it mean?

When you think about shared decision making in mental health, what words and images come to mind?

Some have described it like building a jigsaw, where everyone gets to bring their own pieces along to fit together.

Try this exercise to build your own jigsaw here. Click the "Add Jigsaw Piece" button and provide a label (label it with something that comes to mind when you think of shared decision-making), then click the "Add To Jigsaw" button to see your new peice added to your jigsaw.

You can return to this reflective exercise throughout this resource to add to it and edit it, before you print it out if you want to as a record of your learning.

By pressing the Reset Jigsaw Activity button below you can restart the jigsaw activity. Importantly all stored jigsaw pieces will be deleted.

Reset Jigsaw Activity