Today we are going to be...

I like my day to be structured.

I use a timetable with photos and words to see what things I’m going to be doing. I must go through my timetable before I do any work. Oh, and it helps if you tell me how long each activity will take. Stick to the timetable and we’ll be just fine. I wont get bored of it, in fact I prefer not to have too many choices.

I like plenty of reassurance when I’m working... “Tom... That’s good work.”. Will do fine.

I also like a break before starting the next activity. Not too long, two minutes looking at a magazine is good.

If I seem to be losing interest you can use the picture on my timetable to remind me what I’m supposed to be doing. When I’ve finished my activity remove the picture from my timetable so I know what comes next. It’s best to give me a reminder though!

Timetable illustration Picture of a calculator Picture of a notebook Picture of a cooking bowl Text 'Tom...' Text 'That's good work Piture of a finger Piture of a finger