Let's talk

Please don’t shout, I get upset when people are loud. When you talk to me, try not to use really big words. Don’t say enormous or massive when big will do just fine!

Sometimes I can take words quite literally. If you said, “Pull your socks up”, I might bend down and pull up my socks!

Oh, and I don’t understand jargon like “ take a chill pill man”.

I do understand “Tom... Be quiet”.

I might interrupt when you are talking because I haven’t learnt to take turns yet. I wont always look at you when I am talking to you as this can make me nervous.

If there is a lot of noise I may get stressed... I like to work somewhere quiet.

White background Elephant with big written on it A pair of socks Blue speech bubble Speech bubble text Speech bubble A question mark A blue cross A blue cross Text 'Tom...' Text 'Be quiet' Text 'blah...blah...' Text 'blah...blah...'