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Health-related online support groups

4. Finding the right group

If you are looking to try out an online support group then there are a number of ways that you might find one. Here are some examples:

  1. Searching online: Many people who use an online group started by searching online. Search engines like Google or Bing might be a good pace to start. However, it is worth thinking about how you will search. What words will you use? You may have already been diagnosed with a condition e.g. diabetes or endometriosis - in which case the name of your condition could be a keyword you use to search.
  2. Get a recommendation from a health professional: Sometimes health professionals have recommendations about online support groups and could give you details. Also, GP waiting rooms may display leaflets advertising groups that may be of interest to you.
  3. Large social networks: There are several large platforms which host 100s of online support groups in one place. It could be worth browsing through their list of groups to see if any are of interest. One example is HealthUnlocked - the world's largest social network for health.
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