Fire safety resource

6. On hearing the alarm and fire is detected

When you hear the alarm and a fire is detected you must leave the building immediately. Staff are responsible for prompt evacuation of guests, students and visitors who are with them when the alarm is raised. The following good practice should be adhered to when vacating buildings:

  • react quickly, but do not run
  • do not stop to collect belongings
  • close any doors as you pass through them to slow the spread of fire
  • do not use lifts, always take the stairs
  • gather at the Fire Assembly Point (if there is one)
  • do not re-enter the building until instructed by a fire / security officer that it is safe to do so.

Video transcript

Fire safety advice:

You shouldn't use the lift when the fire alarm is raised because:

  • a sudden power failure could get you trapped between floors, with no way of summoning for help
  • the lift could open at the floor where the fire is located, due to problems with the lift mechanism or electrics