Preparing for Interviews in Healthcare

13. Preparation - Scenario questions

Another type of question used very commonly in nursing and midwifery interview is the scenario question. Here you are presented with a scenario and asked to talk about how you would act or respond to the given situation.

For example:

How would you deal with a relative who was aggressive and verbally abusive?

The panel will want to know that you can use initiative and that patient care, safety and well-being is your priority. It might help you to follow a series of prompts for what to include. Such as: assessment of the situation; taking appropriate action; following procedures and guidelines; thinking about appropriate communication; record keeping; evaluating; as well as learning from the situation.

It sounds like a lot to cover. Let’s have a look at our candidates having a go at a Scenario question …

  • Assessment of Situation
  • Taking Appropriate Action
  • Following Procedures/Guidelines
  • Appropriate Communication
  • Record Keeping
  • Evaluation