Reviewing professional issues

Here are the issues you identified. A number of issues were present in this scene.

These included:

A lack of social awareness and perception; the student nurses occupied the seats clearly identified for disabled and vulnerable passengers. They talked loudly. They consumed food and drink and littered the bus.

A lack of professional insight; the discussion about specific patients and the use of social media to share aspects of practice were serious breaches of confidentiality. The student nurses didn’t recognise the impact of their behaviour on the general public’s perception of nursing.

Failing to promote and preserve safety; the student nurses failed to recognise how their behaviour influenced the decisions and actions of another person as a health care service user. They didn’t recognise the needs of Sarah as a disabled person. The student nurse who extended their legs into the aisle, failed to recognise the potential harm to other passengers.

Did you get them all?

Here are the issues you identified.

Incident note