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Calico Heart

Adromischis maculatus is commonly known as Calico Hearts or Chocolate drops due to their spotted leaves.

These plants are known as succulents as the leaves are thickened and fleshy in order to retain water. This is an adaptation that helps the plant to survive in arid conditions.

The plant can make the most of rain by saving some water in the leaves for later.

Image of the root system of a calico heart (Adromischis maculatus)

This species has a very short stem so only the leaves are visible in clusters above the soil. Calico hearts are normally found on rocky outcrops high up mountains.

3D Root Architecture

This X-ray CT scanned plant was propagated from a cutting and therefore the very thick part of the root is likely to be part of the original cutting. New roots appear to emerge from multiple points and continue to branch and develop from the cutting as the plant propagates though the soil environment in search of water and anchorage.


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