Cultures. Identities. Sexualities: what makes for an inclusive Higher Education space?

B13, Physics Building, University Park Campus

Reporting in 2018, Universities UK note that Higher Education in the UK has experienced consistent growth over the last decade with a change in the staff/student demographic to becoming progressively internationalized. In a parallel review, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA, 2017) note the polarization of attitudes towards gender and sexual minorities globally, with 72 countries criminalising same sex relations. What happens when this collision of people, faith, cultural diversity, values and attitudes inhabits the same higher education space? How can everyone get on and feel included?

A conversation for LGBT History Month, presented by The School of Chemistry. 

Speaker: Max Biddulph, Chair of University of Nottingham LGBTQ Staff Network.

When: Thursday 14 February, 1pm
Where: B13 Physics Building, University Park Campus
Tickets: All welcome, no booking required.