Health and wellbeing in Nottingham during the 2022 heatwave

Physics Building (lecture theatre B1) University Park Campus
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The UK witnessed an unprecedented heatwave in summer 2022 during which temperatures exceeded 40°C for the first time in recorded history.

Characteristics of the geography, demography and built environment in Nottingham make many parts of the city highly vulnerable to severe impacts from heat.

In this talk, Dr Charles Ogunbode will share findings from recent research into lived experiences of the 2022 heatwave among communities in Nottingham. The research details the range of physical, mental, social and economic impacts that people endured, as well as the way that people pulled together to look after one another; demonstrating resilience within families, organisations and various social groups.

Experiences of the 2022 heatwave in Nottingham were nuanced and multifaceted. This talk will include reflections on avenues for reducing vulnerability and promoting resilience among our communities in the face of projected future increases in the incidence of extreme heat events.

This lecture is part of our monthly science public lecture series. These events showcase research from scientists at the University of Nottingham and are free and open to all!