University staff can get involved in the Impact Campaign by donating the small change from their pay packet each month

Staff giving

You can make a real difference to our projects and research by joining over 600 fellow University of Nottingham members of staff in giving a donation of your choice from your monthly salary.  

Sign up to Small Change Big Impact

Small Change Big Impact gives you the chance to either give a monthly donation of your chosing (£3, £5, £10, up to £100), or to give the pennies from your monthly payment (which means that your salary is rounded down to the nearest pound each month) in support of our breast cancer research.

This year, your gifts will be helping to find the next breast cancer breakthrough. Discover our life-changing research at the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre.

You can sign up by visiting the Staff Portal and clicking on the Home tab. If you'd like to give more than £100, please contact the Campaign Office.