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Amy Prosser




Amy Prosser - volunteer

(Tissue Engineering PhD, 2014)

I’m passionate about volunteering – it’s a chance to make a real difference to other people’s lives. I believe sharing my experience is really valuable.

Some students are concerned about getting the right job and making the right decision. They get set on a specific career path. But life isn’t like that, so I’m trying to make them aware of the greater options which are available.

Getting my first job was a bit of luck. I didn’t know that much about working in the pharmaceutical industry but it’s been a really good move for me. I’ve been successful at Sygnature Discovery and had two promotions in the last three years. When I was studying for my PhD, I didn’t really know any scientists outside of academia and I thought my only option would be a post doc. I never realised that there were so many opportunities right on my doorstep and that’s what I’m telling today’s students.


Dr Neville Rieger – donor and scholarship supporter

(Mechanical Engineering PhD, 1960)

Nottingham was the key that opened the door to my career. Coming here changed my life and my attitude.

I’ve enjoyed a very successful career and giving back completes the cycle. I support the University financially because I feel a debt of gratitude. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without my Nottingham PhD training and without the support of Sir Joseph Pope and the University.

When you get to my age you start to wonder what you’re going to do with the resources you’ve acquired along the way. I can’t think of a finer way than giving back to Nottingham in exchange for what it gave me. Life can be tough for today’s young people, so I feel it’s the responsibility of people like me to facilitate the lives and growth of our students in the hope that they themselves will do the same.

I’ve met my scholarship students and got to know them – I only wish I’d had their talent at the same early stage of my career. It’s great to see others benefiting in the same way I did.



Neville Rieger





Chunara Family

Michelle Chunara – fundraiser

I baked 1,500 cakes and muffins in 10 days, it was exhausting! The response was truly amazing, especially when it went viral on social media. Some people collected their cakes but I’d also promised to deliver them. I ended up driving all over Leicestershire to drop them off! We fundraised because of what happened to our son Adam.

We were on holiday in Egypt in 2012 when Adam suddenly collapsed. A brain scan revealed an unusual tumour. It wasn’t life threatening at the time and it was thought it couldn’t be removed but then five years later the situation changed and Adam needed an operation. In July last year he had the tumour successfully removed.

In total we raised £1,710 and I think I’d be quite happy if I never saw another cake again. But the way I look at it is this; you have given me my son back and now I want to give you something back. It’s only a small amount but it might just make a difference.


Jenny Stephany – legacy pledger

(Social Adminsitration, 1977)

I enjoyed my time at Nottingham and learnt a great deal.

In the 1970s, when I was studying at Nottingham, there weren’t tuition fees like there are today. I needed to have money for living expenses but I didn’t have the additional pressure of the fees like the students today do.

That’s why l decided to contribute to student scholarships in the Faculty of Social Sciences. I want to support students pursuing academic excellence, which in turn can contribute to addressing current social challenges.

As I have found my degree so important for navigating my life path, I want to encourage others to have the experience of being at University and completing their course. I’d encourage other alumni to support the students of the future in whatever way they can.








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