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The IMPETUS partnership was launched in November 2014 and will run for three years. The project brings together the internationally-leading Universities of Nottingham and Leicester in the East Midlands with the Transport Systems Catapult. 

We will deliver a programme of activities beginning in November 2014 which will be focused across a number of key themes of Intelligent Mobility.




Activities and themes



The key themes we will be focusing on are:

  • End to end journeys
  • Autonomous transport systems 
  • Modelling, visualisation and simulation
  • Information exploitation

The activities that will take place across these themes will support:

  • Business engagement with the academic community
  • Shared access to state of the art facilities
  • Delivery of new collaborative funding proposals
  • Producing the Intelligent Mobility experts of the future
  • Development of strategic links to key stakeholders

These activities will:

  • enable the universities and their local business innovation community to exploit research for the benefit of the UK economy
  • generate links to other activities in which universities are involved that can support our vision of Intelligent Mobility
  • communicate emerging research requirements in Intelligent Mobility to the Transport Systems Catapult and wider academic community
  • provide the Transport Systems Catapult with access to world class research relevant to Intelligent Mobility
  • create a regional presence for Transport Systems Catapult outreach activities



Innovate Research Technology Centre (Room B03)
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telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 4039