What’s on the Café menu of activities?

Scientific research is important because it increases our knowledge, which helps us to find solutions to problems, and consequently lead to improvements in the world we live in. However, research is not possible without the invaluable assistance of volunteers who participate in our studies.

Many volunteers find that taking part in research studies can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Café Connect offers you the opportunity to choose from, and take part in a variety of studies. Your participation will contribute to important research that has the potential to make a positive difference to peoples lives.

  • Eating problems can be hard to talk about

We’d like to invite people over the age of 16 years old who have experienced problems with eating to help us shape future research. We will be holding focus groups in a quiet space (the Studio), where we’d ask for one hour of your time between 12-2pm. Places are limited.

  • Calm about cake?

Find out the results of our research from the recent Café Connect events concerning the emotions associated with eating cake in a café and the effect of portion size.

  • Pour a glass for yourself (or a guest)

The ‘drink’ (dyed water) poured will be measured to calculate the number of alcohol ‘units’. You’ll be asked to estimate the number of ‘units’ poured. This isn’t an intervention so you won’t be given feedback about the amount you poured, but you will be provided with general information to help you keep track of units at home. Over 18s only.

  • Charitable giving

Come and play an economic game that will help us explore the link between altruism, charitable donating and wellbeing. Over 18s only.

  • Handling conflict

Understanding how people handle conflict in their lives is important. Come and learn about how we can gain a deeper understanding of conflict using a deck of cards!

  • How well can you ignore distraction?

In this demo you will be asked to try and sort coloured rectangles whilst ignoring distracting words (such as the word “Red” when you see a blue rectangle!). By measuring how fast you can sort the rectangles and how many mistakes you make we can show you how distracted you get!

  • Can you find what you're looking for?

How quickly can you see what you are looking for in a busy scene or cluttered room? Come and talk to us about times you found searching for things easy or difficult.

  • Pharmacists in GP practices

The NHS is testing the idea of having Clinical Pharmacists in GP practices having appointments with patients. We would like to find out more about your experiences of your health, GP services, and pharmacists to help us evaluate this pilot study.

  • Maternity research and the Nottingham Maternity Research Network

Find out about some recent studies on topics such as birth plans, doula support and early labour, and hear how you could get involved in the Nottingham Maternity Research Network.


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