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The Maching and Condition Monitoring (MCM) research team is a dynamic research group with expertise that encompasses the main following topics:

  • Experimental and modelling of machining operations with particular focus on difficult-to-cut materials such as Ni/Ti based superalloys for aerospace applications, ceramics, diamond composites and biomaterials as well as novel machining solutions for reducing the operating time and improving part quality.

  • Workpiece surface integrity analysis (SEM, XRD, EDX, TEM, EBSD, Raman Spectroscopy,) as well as Micro-Nano mechanics testing of (but not limited to) machined surfaces to enable safe operation of critical-safety parts.

  • Experimental and modelling of non-conventional machining operations (e.g. waterjet milling/cutting; pulsed laser ablation; ultrasonic polishing, laser assisted machining).

  • Innovative monitoring of manufacturing processes using a wide range of sensing solutions (force cells, accelerometers, acoustic emission, laser, strain gauges, PVDF, high speed imaging systems, etc).

  • Design and development of innovative fixturing solutions for aerospace industry including specialist tooling to operate in restrained environments.

  • Design and development of multi-functional miniature/desktop machine tools with integrated on-board metrology systems.

  • Development of original concepts of robotised machine tools to enable processing in restrained workspaces.

  • Design, development and testing of the novel generation of cutting tool solutions for processing high value components and biomaterials.

MCM research has received funding from FP7 (ConforM-Jet, MiRoR, STEEP, Diplat), Horizon 2020 (Stimulant), EPSRC, Royal Society, Innovate UK, British Council, TSB and industry (e.g. Rolls-Royce, Zeeko, EWHA, etc).

Through a well-balanced research skills, the MCM team distinguishes itself through innovation in the field of manufacturing thus making it successful in continuously attracting research funding from national/European/industrial funding agencies.






Machining and Condition Monitoring

Faculty of Engineering
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