Nottingham Nanocarbon Group

"New record for the world’s smallest periodic table"
via Chemistry World, March 2019

Reactions in tiny containers - towards the world's smallest coaxial cable
published in Small Methods (full text here), a journal focussed on "cutting-edge developments in experimental approaches to the production of nano- and microscale materials", July 2017

Caught on camera - chemical reactions 'filmed' at the single-molecule level
published in ACS Nano (full text here), a "flagship nanoscience and nanotechnology journal", as ACS Editor's Choice due to its "potential for broad public interest", March 2017

Royal Society exhibition "Wonder in Carbon Land: Build Your Own Bucky Balls"
a Royal Society exhibit in June-July 2008 that has since become a fixture at UoN Chemistry open days

New Scientist "Smallest 'Test Tube' scoops World Record'"
the cover page story in Chemical Communication, September 2005 (vol. 0, p. 37-39)

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BBC report on the "smallest test tubes known to science", November 2004