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Trial Name: Psycho-Education and Problem Solving therapy for adults with personality disorder (PEPS Trial)

Chief Investigator: Mary McMurran, The University of Nottingham

Trial Description:  Personality disorders are conditions in which an individual experiences difficulties in terms of how they think, perceive, feel or relate to others. People with personality disorder may have problems which can include negative feelings such as distress, anxiety, worthlessness or anger; avoiding other people and feeling emotionally disconnected; having difficulty managing negative feelings without self-harming (for example, abusing drugs and alcohol or taking overdoses), and having difficulty maintaining stable and close relationships. Social problem-solving therapy is a potential strategy that may benefit people with personality disorders.

This study evaluated the effectiveness of Psycho-Education and Problem Solving (PEPS) therapy compared with usual care for adults with personality disorder. The primary outcome was social functioning at 72 weeks, assessed by the Social Functioning Questionnaire. The trial completed in October 2014. The results indicated that PEPS therapy plus usual treatment was no more effective than usual treatment alone on the primaryoutcome or any secondary outcomes.

Contact:  Florence Day

 Funding:   NIHR Health Technology Assessment

 Status:  Main report in press

 Publications:  2011-1; 2013-17; 2013-18; 2016-7;

 Further Information:  Email Florence Day (Trial Manager)


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